Tuesday, July 11, 2006

how are the dogs?

Is a question we get a lot, especially coming from friends that know our "first babies" each have four hairy yellow legs. But Darby and Rio have adjusted fantastically and are also very excited about our new addition to the family.

They were both a bit anxious on Davis' first day home. They panted constantly. Not only had we left them for four days, but what was "this thing" we brought home and was now receiving all of their usual attention? They quickly came around and became very curious and protective of Davis. You can most likely find one if not both dogs laying in the same room as the baby either by the crib or the bassinet. The dogs' favorite parts about having Davis around are all their new visitors and visitors bearing gifts. This would include the UPS driver who delivers to our neighborhood. Thankfully, she likes dogs so much that she comes with her own dog treats in hand. In fact just last Friday, Darby followed her back to the truck and climbed in hoping for a ride and maybe more treats.

What amuses us most about the dogs is that they love presents. If you walk in from the store with a plastic bag, they assume its contents are for them and hurry to stick their noses in to check it out. Likewise for nicely wrapped baby gifts. The joy they find in helping us unwrap and open the packages! All we have to do is say "Presents!" and Darby comes running for the fun. All in all, they would love to be our best helpers....Darby would love to help out by giving Davis a bath of puppy kisses. And Rio would love to help Davis break in all of his new toys. Especially the squeaky ones.

This picture is of Rio enjoying a nap with Davis.


Anonymous said...

Zach and Stephanie,

Thank you so much for coming up yesterday for a visit. Davis is such a beautiful(yes boys can be beautiful)and I loved holding him. After four children, I still get the baby blues and ache to hold one-and yours was the sweetest one I have held in a long, long time. We need to get together again SOON. Take care of yourselves and your precious baby.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Davis. I work with your aunt Amy. We talk about you very often. You are such a "cutie". The way you sleep and smile is so sweet and. . . .I can truthfully tell you that your yawn is the biggest one I have ever seen, and I am a great grandmother.
Love ya!
"Miss JoAnne"