Tuesday, July 25, 2006

long time, no sleep.

Well, obviously not for Davis, but for Zach and myself. Gone are the days of sleeping in on the weekends and not over-sleeping for work during the week. Goodbye to the nights of sleeping soundly for at least five/six hours straight. Farewell to being a heavy sleeper. Hello to waking up at the sound of nothing at all just to see if the baby is still breathing. Welcome to Parenthood. We have definitely arrived.

We have been so busy these past few weeks, we haven't even had the time to let the exhaustion sink in. But in the back of my mind I know its there. Waiting. Well, at least we've had a great time wearing ourselves out. Davis and I got to visit my Granmom while she was in Gaffney with her church picking peaches and shopping at the outlets. However, Granmom didn't get around to the shopping part. There was only enough time to hold Davis for about two hours. Cousin Meggie and Charlie stopped by on the way to a conference to see the newest and littlest Trogdon. Davis had his first road trip to Wilkesboro to meet the Hamby 6 and the Molnars, too. I've gone back to work and Mom is here helping with Davis for two weeks. And I think that's only half of it.

I've added two new pictures...Davis smiling during a sweet dream and another that I think looks just like his pose in the first photo posted on the site. How he's grown! 13 lbs now - Can you believe it?

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