Thursday, July 13, 2006

noah's arks

As promised, here are some pictures from our 'somewhat' recent visitors. 'Somewhat' referring to last month but due to my own fault, they are just now reaching the site.

Aunt Amy and her crowd were returning from the beach, and we met in Gaffney for a coffee & nephew fix. They pull up in two large white boats. And the feet kept on coming out, two by two, from all possible exits. The back of the land yachts looked like they had packed for 40 days and 40 nights....yet it was only a week vacation at the beach. What I would do for a suntan these days. Nothing ruins a summer like your doctor telling you that you cannot go swimming for at least eight weeks. But then again, Davis IS the best consolation prize.

It was a nice visit. Davis was snatched from my arms before I could even shut the car door, and he was passed around for a good, solid hour. Amy's own show & tell. Meanwhile, I sat back and enjoyed a venti coffee light frappuccino. Yes, it was so good that I remember exactly what I ordered.

At last, here are the photos. Not too bad for a 1/2 dozen camera phones.

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Aunt Amy said...

OK I might be a little (well, a lot) proud!!!! As much as I love spending time at the beach, I have to say that introducing Davis to some of my favorite people in the world was undoubtedly the best part of that trip.

Next we'll have to introduce him to Garrett & Ryan.

You girls keep it up, and maybe we will be able to form our own soccer team.