Monday, December 1, 2008

from the mouth of a child

having a child gives you a new outlook on life.
having a child who is learning to speak gives you a new outlook on your own speech and vocabulary.
davis walked in from the bedroom this morning. "mommy, i ( *#^%# ) daddy glasses on." how proud he was to be just like his dad. between my moment of surprise (another full sentence), terror (please don't break those glasses, please don't break those glasses) and joy (what a cute kid!), i said a quick prayer for a moment of stillness and hold the cuteness while i grabbed the camera.

what a whirlwind these last few weeks have been. zach's work schedule seems busier than ever. davis is speaking in full sentences and trying to say anything that passes by his ears. we lost grandaddy almond last saturday, nov. 22. i feel as though we lost one great talker and are now gaining another one. even in our sadness, we felt so much joy as davis ran in grandaddy's house, turned towards his chair, turned back to us and asked, "where's gandaddaddy?" how thankful we are that he knew and loved him too even if he can't comprehend the circle of life just yet.
allison, well, she is......just allison. starting to form her own little personality all at once. dog-lover. tom-boy. little turkey. did i mention she's a dog lover? must love dogs. that is what any friend of hers must be. she loves on darby non-stop. always giving hugs and pets. she points out all "Dawh!" on tv, books and even on the street. doesn't matter whose dog or what kind, allison will chase him down for hugs and love. she loves dogs so much in fact she has a sixth sense about where to find the dog food and treats. and yes, she then proceeds to eat whatever dog food or dog treat she finds. last week she threw a fit because i took away a nasty chewy dog treat out of her mouth at granny darlene's house. even ten minutes later, she ran back to the counter reaching up to see if the stinky, soggy morsel was still where mommy put it. oh well. gross as it is, it hasn't hurt her yet. i'm glad she loves dogs even more than i do.

granmom and dad winslett have a new roommate. his name was anchor, but now it is pinto because my granmom says i found her a little horse not a black lab. i've attached a photo of the kids playing in pinto's new crate because his was too small. pinto easily made himself at home in his new house and yard. and i'm sure he is getting all the love and attention in the world spending his days with granmom. lucky dog.

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