Thursday, March 5, 2009


that is the best word to describe our household for the past few days (or weeks). it all started sunday night. allison threw up on herself about 1-2 hours after bedtime. the expulsions kept coming routinely through out the night. give her water. up it came. crackers. juice. tylenol. milk. right back up into the bathroom sink. if we were lucky.

this stomach bug was unlike the episode we had two weeks ago when davis threw up all over the bed, tossed and turned for 6 hours straight until 2 am in the morning when allison proceeded to wake up and vomit too. no, this little bug induced multiple episodes, dashes to the bathroom and quickly drawn baths.

monday morning we thought we were in the clear. no. allison decides not to keep her breakfast down. then that afternoon the bug moves down to the lower digestive system for another 24 hours.

its wednesday morning, i just declined a playdate for the kids with a friend and her two girls. even though we were in the clear for 24 hours, how horrible i would feel if stella or jasmine came down with the same bug. so instead i plan to take the kids to the ymca later that afternoon. until late morning when the bug hits me. oh great. well, i did say a prayer that i would rather be sick than to have allison feel so bad. now i have proof that God IS really listening. zach calls to see if we want to meet for lunch. kids? yes. me? no. i am so thankful he picked up the kids for a special two hour lunch with daddy!

5 o'clock. zach gets home from work. (briefly, though, since he'll have to go back before 7 for town board meeting.) i take another quick break on the couch. davis comes into the hall:
"mommy? mommy?"
"i'm right here davis, what do you need?"
- davis throws up all over the floor.
"mommy, its icky!"
zach grabs davis and darts to our bathroom. i proceed to clean up the ickyness on the floor. davis is instantly feeling better. we hear something else spilling on the floor. there is allison standing in the middle of the room surrounded by a big mess. i rush over to her to discover the top of her cup is loose and she has spilled her milk. oh thank goodness!

make a long story short. davis and i finally got over our bugs. zach did not escape either. its now five long days later and i'm hoping we have all been debugged, dewormed or whatever. although yellow, puny and icky, our children did have some very endearing moments even during sickness.

-while throwing up, davis says "i'm sick. mommy/or daddy, i'm sick."
-after davis threw up, he would immediately say "i'm not sick anymore. make it go away." however, he was referring to washing the vomit out of the tub not the feeling in his stomach.
-after getting out of the tub and cleaning up, he would say. "i'm not sick. i'm happy now."
-davis tells us that his pacifier tastes icky and orders us to wash it a dozen times. even if it is totally different pacifier.
-even when hit with the stomach bug, both davis and allison crave popcorn and milk.....i say, "icky" to that.

so i didn't mind holding allison all night on sunday when she was sick because i got to watch the snow fall down and cover the deck and yard with a perfect, thick white blanket 6-7 inches deep. unfortunately, allison wasn't really up to checking out the fluffy white snow on monday. and it was hard to get really good pictures of davis playing in the snow with only one free hand. i'll sort through the pictures later to post. kids are still up and i need to tuck them in.

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