Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pictures? or stories?

decisions, decisions! i have ten short minutes to add a clever, entertaining post or do i just upload the cutest pictures of our two leprechauns from the past month. what to do!? well, i'll type as fast as i can before i am summoned to leprechaun duty. oh! too late. here comes the little person with biggest feet now....

pardon the interruption. however, now i cannot think of any specific entertaining stories to tell now that i'm back in front of the computer. just the general info. hmmmm........davis continues to build his conversation skills everyday telling us that he has to go to work at the office, get gas (which results in driving to the top of the driveway to pick grass and put it in his gas tank.) gas. grass. i wonder if he really thinks we are pumping grass in the car every week even though he can say both gas and grass clearly.

allison. her word of the day was cookie. but she says the word with a smile on her face and doesn't move her teeth. as if she is asking sweetly for a sweet. only like a ventriliquist. there's another wordly wise owl for you. adding new words each day. zoos = shoes. baba is still pacifier, not sure where that came from though. dadis = davis. and of course, her favorite word of all time......dah!dah! = darby! not to be confused with dada for 'you know who.' which leads me to make a decison on which pictures to add now that my time is definitely up.

introducing the future Dr. Allison Trogdon, DVM...........

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