Tuesday, March 10, 2009


kids are napping. pictures are downloaded. i finally have a minute to add some photos from the past several weeks. only problem, is where do i start? i decided to go back to the beginning and slowly inch my way forward.

place: atlanta, georgia
time: saturday morning, february 21st
event: davis and allison's first circus!

car is loaded. children and adults are excited. grandaddy/papou, great-granmom (or as davis says, "granmom-the-great"), zach, myself and the kids are inching our way towards philips arena. davis has a great eye and calls out every circus billboard and airplane flying overhead on the way. we arrive to our destination. D and A are mesmerized by the popcorn and cotton candy stands as walk around the arena to find our seats. show starts. the kids sit still for about 15 minutes, then davis decides he would rather explore the halls and that there are better seats behind us at the top of the stairs. so zach and davis are off. allison makes it to intermission lounging cozily on grandaddy's lap. but then, she decides davis is right about playing in the aisle and those seats at the top. so now, zach and i take turns chasing after the kids for the second half of the greatest show on earth. all in all, it was a great show with elephants, horses, ponies, flying dogs, crazy motorcycles, silly clowns and good stunts.

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