Sunday, June 7, 2009

bedtime stories

davis knows his moons.

there are crescent moons. circle moons. bedtime moons. which, according to davis, are the ame exact thing as circle moons. and goodnight moon by margaret wise brown. probably my favorite book of all the kids' books.

it all started tonight before bed as we all went out on the back porch to look at the bedtime moon. it got too dark outside for davis so he directed everyone back inside. put allison to bed. time to tuck davis in for the night. pull out goodnight moon.

davis is in the memorizing stage. he has every book memorized however he will not read them to you. but should you misplace a word or switch a phrase around, he'll let you know. now, he will read by fill in the blank. if i pause at the end of a sentence or line, i can usually get him to finish the sentence for me. and 99.9% of the time he'll get it exactly right. or he will improvise...

we get to the black and white page of just the toyhouse and mouse. "goodnight little house, goodnight mouse." and then davis' dialogue went like this:

mommy, that's the mouse...(pause)... mouse's house.
he's going to his house.
and what's he going to do in his house?
go take a bath.
and then what?
brush his teeth.
what does he do after he brushes his teeth?
he goes to the kitchen.
and then what does he do?
and then what?
then what does the mouse do?
he goes to allison's room.
and then what?
he goes to my room.
and then?
he gets blanket.
and then what?
then what does he do?
and then what?
sings bible loves me.
and then what?
wakes up mommy.
and then what?
wakes up daddy.

oh to sleep so soundly that your nights and mornings run together!
goodnight moon.

goodnight stars.
goodnight air.
goodnight noises everywhere.

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