Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ice cream clouds

davis how old are you?


this many? (holding up three fingers.)

I'm W!

kids are smarter than we give them credit for. davis is the child who always sees things differently than expected but still right in his own way. second example was at soccer practice on monday. it was team picture day and after taking all players' individual shots it was time for the team picture. oh boy, i thought. i'll stand back and watch the coach and this naive photographer try to wrangle fifteen 3 and 4 yr olds into two rows, be still, smile and look at the camera. so the photographer asked all the "little" kids to sit cross-legged on the front row. davis fell into this category. and while she meant "indian-style", when she asked davis to cross his legs he did so at the ankles with his legs straight out. (snicker, snicker.) how entertaining it was to step back and see others try to communicate with these little minds. you can't tell him that he's wrong because he did cross his legs. just not in the way she expected him too.

allison and davis are always showing us how to see things differently. whether its a crane, dump truck, garbage truck, eighteen wheeler, building, store logo, water tower or train tracks. then after pointing out what they have just seen, davis continues to tell us who drive the garbage truck, who like to shop in what store, etc.

Family Ice Cream Night:

Say Cheese!:

Allison devouring a cone:

Quick lick for Darby:

All Gone.:

Slow Poke.:
Note: Allison, Car and Darby are long gone.

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