Friday, June 19, 2009

getting started

getting started for a lot of firsts. not your usual firsts. you know, the first word, the first steps, the first foods. no.... it's the first summer full of first activities:
vacation bible school
first stage performance
swim lessons
trip to the movies
summer camp
first trophy

my first baby is no longer a baby. it is so bittersweet (and fun!) so many proud moments in a few short weeks.

lets see, we finished up soccer camp and davis received his first trophy on monday. we didn't go to the end of season "pool party" because it was our 2nd night of vbs. and he can go to the pool and have a hot dogs anytime. so we sacrificed the awards ceremony. but davis picked up his trophy the next day and carried it with him EVERYWHERE and showed EVERYONE for the next 24 hours. now, it is placed in a highly, distinguished spot in his room where davis points it out at least once a day, "that's my soccer sophry."

swim lessons. our first trip to the pool this season suggested it was time to get allison in swim lessons. yes, allison. she kicked and paddled the second zach put her in the water. the next day, she was jumping of the stairs and going underwater herself. she thinks she's a fish. so it's morning swim lessons for both on alternating days, thank goodness. i don't have any pictures of her lessons because they are parent/child lessons and I'm in the pool with her. now with a lesson and swim belt under her belt, she will kick around the pool like a perfectly happy little seahorse. a precious sight. i have to get a picture of it sometime.

davis is in swim lessons without the parent. which i wasn't quite sure how this was going to go over since he is a little more cautious about the water. he likes the water, but he likes the security of knowing you are near him or as he puts it "you got me?" he did great and walked right off with his swim coach and swim class buddy, bry. not a single worry about leaving mommy behind at all. i was so proud to see him listen to his coach and actually try each new exercise. now, as we count down from three to get davis to jump in the pool, he'll swing his arms and say, "i'm getting started!" and then he'll jump in after the second countdown. funny little boy. second generation super chickens! those two.

oh my, my. vacation bible school. allison's class was still in the nursery where she played and was the little helper since she was probably the oldest toddler/baby there. still she happily helped her teacher go gather the snack when the time came. davis was a little rowdy the first day or two always wanting to go with mommy and daddy, or play a game of catch and chase with his teachers. but don't you know by the end of the week it was my precious child up there with the rest of his class just a dancing, clapping and a singing in front of the church.

summer's getting started! and i have a feeling its going to be one of the funnest ones for me and zach.

our first movie to up!

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