Friday, October 1, 2010

and the award goes to......

Granddaddy of The Year!

Jim Henry Winslett, Jr.
September 27, 1943 - September 23, 2010

the past two weeks have definitely been a blur. for all of us. glad we were there. glad its over. time to recuperate and get back on a normal schedule. even if normal has changed.

people are so kind. people are bringing over so many kinds of food. right now, i have two cakes on my counter. the kids ask, "who are the cakes for?" i answer, "because granddaddy died." they ask again, "is it his birthday?" "it was." "and he didn't get any? so we have to have it for him?" "that's right! we should celebrate his birthday even if he's not here with us. he would like that."

i like how kids think.

the bear.

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