Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the toys are back in town

we had to work hard for this picture. you would think simply mentioning his new, super-cool buzz lightyear would light davis up for a smile. no. i think i had to bribe him somewhere along the lines of, "if you don't smile for my picture, the show won't start."

little white lies. i catch myself giving them to the kids more and more often now. if you don't sit still in your seat the food won't come. they're not going to call our name until you be quiet. you can't go to mission friends unless you start fighting. no matter what, the result will happen. they eventually bring the food, call our name and no way, no how, will i give up a wednesday night child-free activity.

back to the big event. we learned you can save big searching for discounts for the show, but they get you back before you even get in the door. programs! cotton candy! popcorn! souvenirs! snow cones! step right up, suckers.

the spinner battery didn't even make it to the end of the show. the top to the buzz snow cone cup popped off and we were lucky enough to be able to pop it back on. however, the popcorn was devoured by the handful for the full two-hour show. davis consumed a bucket on his own. eyes straight ahead, hand in bucket, other hand grasping spinner for 120 minutes straight. what was his favorite part? the claw and the doll in the blue clothes. (that would be barbie.) there he goes.....favoring the blondes again.

woody and buzz

green man group

most of the cast

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