Wednesday, October 27, 2010

still trying to adjust to from a month of interrupted routines that the blog is missing several posts and many pictures and videos. but they are all in my head! just have the find the time to transfer to the keyboard.

davis finished his 2nd season of t-ball. on the day of his last game, he told me on the walk home from school how he hasn't been the pitcher yet. i told him to ask his coach to put him in as the pitcher and he actually followed through because guess who was the starting pitcher in last night's two inning thriller?

allison still comes up with the craziest sayings. just this weekend she told zach, "daddy, you make the best food! i looove your macaroni & cheese!"


a couple weeks ago she told me that "i'm a big girl because i got strong elbows! i'm very strong. that's what i says."

i'm trying to upload some recent videos of dance and baseball. keeping my fingers crossed that i get them done soon!! we'll keep you posted. ha ha.

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