Thursday, June 9, 2011

bizarro world

yesterday was a frazzle day.  you know the kind.  days when you have tons of little things on your to-do list to get done in a matter of, well, minutes?

  • forget to take out trash.
  • remember to take out trash at 1 am
  • put watermelon in frig before bed
  • remember to put melon in frig at 1:05 am
  • wake up late
  • rush davis off to school
  • shower
  • put allison in bath
  • cut up watermelon
  • get allison dressed
  • take watermelon to davis' school
  • fold and hang laundry
  • pick up graduation balloons
  • davis' more at four graduation
in the meantime, allison needed help in the bathroom.  this is normal.  her poo was blue.  i'm talking toilet cleaner blue.  this is not to get the the doctor......get the camera to show the doctor exactly what was wrong.....i'm thinking absorption problems.....chemical imbalances or worse, chemical, "did she eat any food coloring lately?"......"ummm....uhhh.....ooohhh.....yeah. okay,  that makes sense now."  but blue poo still makes for a very bizarre day.

so parents take note.  here is a little story about if you give a child a cupcake.

if you give your child a cupcake.  she will likely eat the icing.  if she eats the icing, it will probably get on her face.  if the icing is black, it will make a cute mustache.  you will probably want to take a picture of the icing mustache with your camera.  you will want to take a picture because you will forget a few days later about the cupcake with black icing.  until your child has a bizarre poo and you rush to call the doctor.  the doctor will ask you about food coloring and you will remember the chocolate cupcake with black icing.

warning:  I am about to post pictures of blue poo.  typically, i would never want to share this kind of thing on a public forum.  but it was just so bizarre and funny (after the fact), it must be shared.  if this post helps one parent in the future not freak out about bizarre poo, then it will serve a purpose.  now of course, i will post the picture in the smallest frame possible, but you have been warned.

in the beginning


and end.

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