Monday, June 13, 2011

isn't he just the cutest!

our little einstein.  now i've been telling ya'll he's the brightest, most intelligent, sweetest, cuddliest little boy since he was......well, since one week old!  and what mother wouldn't be proud of this precious child!?  davis' preschool class did so good at their graduation.  SO GOOD!!  i will have to transfer the videos from our camcorder to cd before i can upload.  but they were adorable and animated.  i give them four stars!

diplomas awaiting graduates:

the class of 2024 walked in to pomp & circumstance and took their places on stage:

sang a few songs:

received their diplomas:

proudly displayed their graduation poem:

had a watermelon reception afterwards:

hugged the teachers goodbye!:

mrs. powell (above) & mrs. clark (below) - we'll miss you.  thank you for everything!!!

standing outside boiling springs elementary school.  kindergarten, here i  come!

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