Tuesday, June 28, 2011


disney.  how do they do it?  the first movie is always the best.  sequels have hard acts to follow.  but, whatever the movie lacked to it's predecessor in storyline, disney made up for it in animation and creativity.  i loved the international themes and references to two of our favorite cities, paris and london.  and was i the proud mama when my kids even pointed out to the whole theatre they knew their international landmarks and monuments.  hey look big ben!  the london bridge! the london flag!   double decker bus!  london taxi! a beefeater! the queen! the london eye!  the eiffel tower! the atlantic ocean!...i flew over that! yes, the whole theatre heard.

prior to the movie screening, we all met for photo ops and body art application.  distributed VIP treats and found our seats.  after the film and sugar consumption, the kids headed straight for the race car games in the video arcade room.  once, we herded them outside the theatre, it was time for a game of gas can tag and spy kids.  all the kids behaved wonderfully!!

.....until we all got home.  all moms agreed.  we left our well-behaved movie critics at the movies.  but they all acted great in public.  that's all a mom can ask for.

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