Friday, October 10, 2008


one of my favorite shows is 24. maybe when the next season begins, i will stop recording our own household based on 24

(sound of feet pattering across the hardwoods.)
mom-mee, mom-mee. mom-mee, mom-mee. mom-mee.
yes, davis. come on up.
no. no. mom-mee, mom-mee. mom-mee, mom-mee. (tugging me out of bed.)
are you wet?
(soaked, change diaper while davis cries out to warn me of his boo boo.)

zach: happy anniversary.
oh yes, thank you. you, too.

okay, davis. back to sleep. (getting in bed.)
no. no. mom-mee, momee. mom-mee. mom-mee. (still tugging me out of bed.)
okay, i got it. milk. lets go get you some milk.
(back to bed....)
mom-mee, mom-mee, mom-mee, mom-mee.
no, davis. go back to sleep.
mom-mee. mom-mee. buuuuhk. mom-mee, buuuuhk.
davis, its too dark to read. go to sleep.
(getting out of bed to get a book.) mom-mee, ,mom-mee. buhk.
zach: alright davis. let's go in the other room.

thank you zach for getting up to encourage our little reader! i got to sneak in a few more hours of sleep, really, i am so excited to see davis's love of books. but at 4:30 in the morning????

usual routine, end of day. zach and i are reading in bed and we here distant cries. who's that? he asks. i think it's allison. we wait a few moments more hoping she'll turn over and all will be okay.

no. still crying.

go check on allison. wide awake. clutches on when picked up. okay, you're going to bed with us. allison flip-flops for the next two hours.

get allison milk. davis wakes up and cries for milk too.
davis: mom-meeeeeee!
okay, i'll come lay down with you for a minute.
put allison in crib with milk. close door and say a prayer that she will go back to sleep on her own.

laying in davis's bed. hugging legs and feet next to my head to get him to sleep. thinking didn't it all started with feet 24 hours ago?

back to my own bed.

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