Monday, October 20, 2008

the natural

what form. what concentration. and what a natural. our left-handed natural. not like his mom who liked to pick daisies in the outfield and only signed up for softball as soon as i could just to get a tshirt with a number and my name on the back. i was number 9 on "the doves". the back of my little black tshirt was not wide enough to hold all the letters of my name. they asked me if i wanted a nickname put on the back. no. i wanted my name. my whole name. so, the s, t, i and e ended up running over onto the sleeves. but it was official. i was part of the team. the doves. beside our team color, we were not very intimidating. i now wonder how many teams, mascots and uniforms we are going to run through in the future. and if they will allow girls on those teams too. because allison will want to take part too. and i have a feeling that nothing else will do except whatever davis will be doing.
here's our little triple threat: athlete, musician and comic. don't mess with davis's music. he loves the piano, booms (drums), coldplay and drumlines. not quite the most graceful dancer. but you have to give him credit for spunk and rhythm. he's got the beat.

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