Monday, October 27, 2008

just around the corner

everything is just around the corner.

halloween! if you have been reading this blog from the beginning, you know we love to dress up. a lot. but, i've finally settled on just ONE costume per child this year. and boy are we excited! we'll keep it a suprise until the big day. hint: think red, white and blue. a king size reese's cup to the one who can guess correctly first. until then, you will have to wait until friday for the big reveal.

allison is growing up too fast. i love being with her more everyday to catch those moments of her growing up right before my eyes. the other week, i caught her climbing on davis's chair at the table. i quickly told her "good luck, monkey" knowing her eyes were bigger than her appetite. (or at least bigger than her ability.) so i left her alone taking advantage of the time to put away some laundry. much to my surprise, i walked back in from around the corner and there was the child standing on the table. that's our allison. tell her she can't do something, and she'll do it to prove you wrong.

just a couple days later, i was about to put lunch on the table. i told the kids to go take their seats at the table. allison will walk over to her latch on seat and hold on to the side until you come and pick her up to put her in. well again, i turn around to go help her and the girl is in her chair. now, this chair is actually suspended on the table. it's a latch on chair, not your typical high chair. she did use another chair to balance as she pulled herself in, but again i was very surprised to see how coordinated she was to manuever this skill.

i've included some pictures from our trip to atlanta, the varsity and the zoo. allison loved every minute of it all. for a child who is always moving. all the motion of the varsity and all the excitement of the zoo was right up her alley. stay tuned for more zoo pics later!

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