Wednesday, October 8, 2008

rain rain saves the day, come again another day

whoever knew rainy days could be so much fun? thank you children's museum! this morning we packed up an early lunch, threw on some play clothes and headed out the door. for the next 40 minutes we bopped to baby einstein tunes and made our way down the road. all the backseat drivers had milk in hand and were in a very good mood. zach and i are surprised each day with how much they both understand. and today, davis and allison seemed to know the final destination would be a great reward. they were both in happy spirits.

davis recognized the playplace as soon as we drove slowly by looking for a parking place. when i passed it, he made sure to point out that our destination had passed us by. i reassured him not too worry, i was turning back around.

enter museum. head straight to the market. davis plays the savvy shopper. allison plays bumper buggy rollerderby. thankfully, she only hit shelves and displays of plastic fruit and empty bottles and boxes in her ongoing circular route.

next its over to the foam room for some laps around a table and jumps over the blocks. and then to younger tots area. where we were busy reading books, rowing a kayak, painting a barn, tending the garden, climbing in trees, playing with puzzles, rocking in a rocking chair and sliding down the mountain. a couple tumbles and falls, but nothing a kiss on the boo boo and quick hug couldn't fix.

davis whipped allison up a great taco, a glass of milk and some juice in the cafe. we washed dishes, cleaned the counters and promised to return again very soon.

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