Tuesday, February 23, 2010

trogdonese 101

bill cosby had it right from the beginning. kids say the darndest things. everyday is a new saying, word, meaning or excuse under our roof. i have been meaning to add their vernacular and translations to the website for a while. but our lunch today outside reminded me to do it soon or i will forget all the silly sayings.

allison dropped her plate off the picnic table and her lunch fell
partly on the deck and partly off the deck. when i came out and asked, "what happened to allison's grapes?" allison answered, "um, nothing?" translation: i don't know. davis answered, "it was magic." translation: i know what happened, but i'm not gonna tell and risk getting in trouble.

allison singing songs from annie:
it's a not hard life for us.
tomorrow! tomorrow! bet your dolly's bottom. tomorrow!

allison singing baa baa black sheep:
baa baa black sheep
have you any wool
yes sir, yes sir three bags four.
one for the master, one for the day......
(skip to) baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
yes sir, yes sir three bags four.

allison's answer to most questions: "uh, nothing." "uh, nowhere." "um, no one."
translation: i don't know.

driving in the car passing pasture or lawns recently fertilized with manure.
davis: " i think darby took a steamy dump."

and as of ten seconds ago, davis asks me to "hey, leave." the room before he gets in bed for his nap. i told him i would shut the door as soon as he climbed in bed. he slowly lifts his arm to reveal the noisiest toy in the house, his "grill" (drill), that he is trying to sneak into bed with him during our designated quiet time. nice.

my all-time personal favorite?
allison adding "ie" at the end of everything - i.e. milkie, soapie, cupie, juicie.......here it is.......zachie
makes us giggle every single time.

the pictures added today are from many yesterdays ago. more like yesteryear. these were taken the day we went to ride the train in charlotte to see santa. the train was a hit. santa was not. as soon as allison saw santa's grand display in the mall, she clings to her dad and immediately insists that it's time to go home. now! on the other hand, davis would only walk up to santa holding my hand and whisper to him his christmas list from 3 feet away. however, running up and down the train station stairs and dancing on the platform were the kids' highlights of the day.

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