Sunday, February 21, 2010

oh beautiful for spacious skies

and warm afternoons outside!

everyone is a little sun-kissed today after spending the day hiking with the martins: stella, jasmine, christie and mathew. davis and allison jumped out of bed this morning asking, "is it time to go hiking yet?", "where's stella & jasmine?" all the kids did great except allison who said she was dizzy and grumpy the whole walk. (the two words she substitutes for tired.) the only way I could get her to keep going was to say we could go back (to the parking lot and car) or keep hiking to go see the chickens. she went for the chickens. on the way back I offered to take her back to the farm with the chickens or we could walk back to car to go to jasmine & stella's house. she opted for jasmine & stella's house. although she did break me down on a couple of hills and get me to carry her.

davis, stella and darby could have all lapped us twice blazing the trail ahead of us and back and forth again. stella taught us not to put our fingers on the chicken wire, that chickens are always looking for food, and gloves do not beak-proof. no blood shed, just a few tears and frightened circles run around the coop. precious stella, we apologize for laughing at your expense.

however, i will not apologize for sharing this story:
back at the martin ranch, the kids were getting ready to eat dinner and claiming their seats at the kids' table (which has two purple chairs and two winnie-the-pooh chairs). davis and stella yell, "I Want To Sit In Poo....(h)!" each time we would tell them to take their seats.

davis and stella reflect on the simple life.

allison and davis touch up on the history of farming.

jasmine and allison hide in the sewing room.

four little wranglers

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