Thursday, February 25, 2010


davis is super-excited about the possibility of going to school in the fall. i just hope the office of school readiness has sympathy on us and believes he needs to go too. what i want to know is how do they determine who needs the program or not? is for the gifted, exceptional children? is it for children who may be behind their age group?

of course, i will tell you my davis is beyond exceptional and extremely gifted! duh. but, do i worry he may behind other kids who will be in his same class because his summer birthday will make him one of the youngest in the class compared to their fall birthdays? you bet. not to mention that he's a lefty. most lefties do not have the most legible penmanship. zach's handwriting leaves room for improvement at times. does this wave a red-flag in my ever-loving infatuation with perfect script and handwriting analysis? does this freak out the mom who used to make rough draft lists for her lists? do i worry because davis tells me he can't color, doesn't know how, doesn't like to color, and his younger sister can color in between the lines but he doesn't care to take the time to try? can this really be MY child? yes, yes and yes. omg! maybe we need a little, family history lesson. i do have hope!!! this is the child who chose to color himself instead of the paper, walls and carpet with sharpie marker! oh, the light at the end of the tunnel of colorless questions!

then there is allison. according to our current school requirements, she will be two years behind davis in school because she wasn't born four days earlier. are you kidding me? had i know this the weekend before she was born, i would have never left the hospital when they said i was have false contractions. fifteen months apart and they will be twenty-four months apart academically. had davis been born in may and allison in august, then they would be one year behind the other. but no, no, no. no! this is not right in my world. (no room for your comments here, thank you.) this is like taking twins and putting them in separate grades. this is like taking candy from a baby. this is like we are the world without michael jackson and dionne warwick. this is like chick-fil-a without the chicken sandwich. this is like, i don't know.... ALL WRONG.

well. complaining about it isn't going to get me very far. but it sure does feel good to blow it out. now my overdramatic rant has me craving some dramatic soundtrack music. thank you ewan! so davis, if you're reading this one day: "you are a superstar in my book. and i am thrilled that you are so excited about going to school as soon as you can, a lover of books, born rockstar, tenderheart carebear, and 3 year old olympian hopeful... you go, bud!"

-supercheese! was taken at bobo's house on superbowl night-
-omg! - oh my gosh!/oh my goodness!/oh my god in our non-texting readers.-

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