Tuesday, February 16, 2010

songs in my head

where o' where has my little blog gone?
o' where o' where could it be?

well, i'll tell ya - it's on its way to boiling springs in a Fed Ex truck. yippee! not the blog specifically, but our nice, new, tidy mac all-in-one-machine. oh the speed! oh the memory! oh the non-viral computer! oh the new printer and wireless everything! oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! christmas has come again. can you tell i'm just a little wee-bit excited?

i'm backed up on photos to share, and allison's been (literally) backed up. davis has grown up beyond description in the past months into a caring and doting big brother. quite the basketball player, now. and quite the thinker. he remembers that he specifically asked Santa for a black train for christmas instead of the train table he was given. he suggests that Santa made a mistake and will bring him the right, "black train from the magazine" next year. and allison can have his other train. so generous, right? i keep telling myself that instead of admitting the reality.

everyday is either valentine's day or someone's birthday according to allison. it just depends on which drawer she is going through and which gift she stumbles upon. then, it's a shout out "happy birthday mommy!" or "happy valentine's day darby!" too cute.

however i feel i need to shout, "happy new year to all you readers!"....those of you still out there..... can you believe we are already one sixth through 2010? makes me want to sing a new verse to the little diddy above: where o' where has the time & year gone?

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